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Electro-Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)


This innovative treatment pulses electromagnetic energy to penetrate muscle tissue and stimulate powerful contractions to firm, strengthen & tone muscles. It has recently surged in popularity and can be found in numerous exercise studios, physiotherapy clinics or as an aesthetic treatment in Day Spas. The benefit of a 30 minute treatment is equivalent  to 20,000 push ups/ squats.

Love the body you are in!
EMS with The Medicine of Lifestyle, Gold Coast


  • It is perfect for those recovering from injury/illness, overstretching of rectus muscle in pregnancy, menopause belly and anyone who would like extra support to strengthen and tone muscles.

  • The treatment is designed to supplement, not replace regular exercise and a healthy diet.

  • EMS has upgraded its application over the years. It continues to be safe and effective and at The Medicine of Lifestyle treatments are available at prices everyone can afford.

  • FDA cleared

  • Non-Invasive, painless treatment

  • No Downtime

  • The recommended program includes 4 - 8 sessions, typically spaced 2/3 days apart. 


*photos for illustration purpose only

EMS with The Medicine of Lifestyle, Gold Coast


This treatment is not suitable for people whom …

  • Are pregnant or breast feeding

  • Have a pacemaker or any other implanted metal devices near the treatment site (e.g., copper IUD or a hip implant)

  • Have heart issues/history of seizures/strokes/illness

  • Have any medical conditions that could make the electromagnetic field unsafe for you.

If you are not sure of any health issues that may impact your enjoyment of  this treatment ... please consult your doctor before booking a session.

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