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Love the Being that You are

At The Medicine of Lifestyle we appreciate that our everyday lifestyle is our most basic form of medicine and the pathway to vital health and beauty. The way we move, eat, exercise, sleep, think, interact and work can either be a way that lovingly honours who we truly are or be a way that suppresses our genuine essence, burying our natural light deep into the recesses of the rigours and expectations of everyday life.


Our facial and body treatments bestow the sacredness of the ancient days when beauty, healing and medicine were one. Experience the depth of you in a treatment with Belinda Jane to restore and re-instigate a sacred way of being that is your authentic essence.


The Medicine of Lifestyle is based in Queensland, Australia - Brisbane, Mackay and Townsville. Our clients are offered a richly unique service combining Cosmetic and Aesthetic Treatments with the potency of Vagheggi Phytocosmetici and the wisdom of Energetic Therapies. 


Belinda Jane has practiced for 25+ years in many locations around Australia specialising in the Energetic Sciences of Health, Beauty and Wellbeing.

The combination of Energetic Therapies with Cosmetic Treatments, both for the

face and body, is absolutely heavenly

and something we recommend you 

experience for yourself to fully appreciate the value it can bring to you and your life.  All our treatments are suitable for men and women

The Medicine of Lifestyle, Gold Coast


  • Energetic Therapies

    • Private Consultations

    • Chakra-puncture

    • Gentle Massage with Hands-on-Healing

  • Cosmetic Treatments

    • Vagheggi Facial

    • ​LED Light Therapy / Nano Needling / EMS

    • Collagen Induction Therapy 

    • Lignum massage with Sea Clay Body Wrap

    • Electro-Magnetic Body Sculpting (EMS)

    • Vacuum / Compression Therapy

    • Monopolar Radio Frequency

  • Workshops​​

  • Online Webinars​​

  • Body Reset Retreats

    • ​In-depth Rejuvenation

    • Recharge and Reclaim

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