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with a facial or body treatment that is akin to a healing ritual.

Belinda Jane has a vibrant and warm approach to her beauty and healing work, coupled with a genuine love of people and the art of healing. In a session she tunes into and works with the intelligence of your body, skin type and unique circumstances, to customise a treatment that serves you on levels way beyond the physical alone. 


Experience the healing rituals of a Vagheggi facial and/or body treatment that celebrates the preciousness of you and the curative culture found in natural extracts, essential oils, molecules of flowers, plants, roots, algae and minerals. 

Belinda Jane Hodgson, The Medicine of Lifestyle, Gold Coast

To care for and maintain our overall health and wellbeing, and for genuine and lasting change, all treatments, both cosmetic, aesthetic and healing must first consider the ‘being’ within.


It is our being that lives in a way that either creates illness/disease or allows the magnificence of who we are  to emanate and shine. 

We can feel our true beauty and purpose when we surrender to the inherently divine qualities that are central to every human being. 

True beauty is an essence emerging from the one source of immeasurable love and wisdom we originate from ... captured only to shine for The All. 

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