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Body Reset


We welcome you to experience our unique approach to health and wellness retreats at The Medicine of Lifestyle.

The idea of running a BODY RESET RETREAT began a few years ago when we looked for a place to rejuvenate for a few days, realign daily rhythms, reset food and exercise, and enjoy the natural rest and settlement a change in scenery and routine offers.


The only experiences available were very pricey and were based on spiritual new age ideals or mind/body programs. We were looking for something that included rejuvenating treatments, free time and therapies that authentically embraced the ancient philosophies and teachings that offer the clear energetic difference between the spirit and the soul. 


What eventuated was the inception of various styles of our 'Body Reset' experience ... all offering genuine soul-based therapies, each with their unique style of treatments, products, activities, and locations.

All budgets have been considered and every 'Body Reset' experience offers guests the opportunity to genuinely refresh, heal and enrich, while enjoying space to repose and reset the body and its rhythms.

  • Improve the quality of your overall health & wellbeing. 

  • Drop those extra kilos, strengthen your body, and resurface your skin.

  • Feel inspired to include loving routines and rituals back into your everyday life. 

  • Reset your natural repose and motion cycles to feel energised throughout the day. 

  • Experience a new level of settlement, love and harmony with you, your body, and the world.

Come join us!


Body Reset

In-depth rejuvenation

This retreat package combines combines Energetic Therapies with Cosmetic Treatments, the latest in Aesthetic Body Contouring, Specialised Exercise and  the potency of Vagheggi Phytocosmetici. It is available in 2|3|4|5 day packages with a maximum of 6 attendees.


Every treatment and activity is founded in the wisdom and natural alignment our body recognises as its true source of health and vitality - 'The Soul'.  At The Medicine of Lifestyle we are absolute that a genuine reset, designed to encourage loving choices and the development of a healthy lifestyle... that will stay with you over the long term, is something that comes from within. 

The  Body Reset  'In-depth rejuvenation' is designed specifically for those looking for a compact and focused program to rejuvenate their ‘body and being’ with innovative treatments all in the same week, under the same roof.  All the sessions are low impact... this is not a boot camp, but it is an accelerated, ‘let’s do it’ program that approaches health and wellbeing from every angle.  

Enjoy these treatments and more:

  • BICYLE THERAPY POD – Vacuum/compression technology > 3 x faster results than exercise alone

  • ELECTRO MAGNETIC MUSCLE SCULPTING  30 min is equivalent to 20,000 push ups

  • LED LIGHT THERAPY  > Light switches on the immune system and promotes skin/bone repair

  • COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY > strengthen, volumize and rejuvenate the skin

  • FAR INFRARED SAUNA > open channels in the body to deeply cleanse & detox

  • MONOPOLAR SKIN TIGHTENING > tighten skin and melt fat

Belinda Jane has been a Practitioner of Energetic Medicine for 25+ years. Along with the main treatments outlined above, she also integrates Chakra-puncture, Hands-on healing, Exfoliating scrubs, Sea-clay body wraps and other facial, hair and body treatments into your Body Reset experience. The schedule also includes a mix of presentations, beach walks, and Sacred Movement. If you chose to, you may also decide to rest and revitalise your digestive system with juices, soups and smoothies.

This style of our 'Body Reset' series is an opportunity to focus and recharge, while feeling enriched and rejuvenated. Destress, tone and reshape your body while enjoying space to repose, reset and connect more deeply with yourself and others.

Book your complimentary consultation to see if this is the right program for you. 

Pricing available on application.


Body Reset

recharge & reclaim

There was a call to facilitate a retreat experience that offered genuine soul-based therapies that was affordable and offered the opportunity to enjoy the northern winter sun, long beach walks, time outdoors, group sessions, and cosmetic treatments. Recharge and Reclaim is an opportunity to partake in numerous treatments, while you reset your body and its rhythms, get nutritious with fresh green juices  and connect with others around a campfire.

Our Body Reset 'recharge & reclaim' experience is designed for larger groups of 20 or more who are looking to unwind, enjoy treatments for the face, body and being and focus on deepening the love, settlement, and relationship you have with you and your body.

Our schedule includes a mix of presentations, facial, hair and body treatments, group activities, beach walks, art and craft, sacred movement, stretching, esoteric yoga, private treatments, daily chakra-puncture, an evening campfire, free time and more. If you chose to, you also have the opportunity, to rest and revitalise your digestive system with juices and soups or you can supplement with your own food.

Soak up the rays of the warm winter sun, feel it deep in your bones, observe the expansive night sky, be ignited by the millions of stars, while you ponder on how ancient we truly are. Surrender your movements to the rhythmic ebb and flow of the oceans’ waves, be ever obedient to the steadiness of Universal Law and the deep settlement of being held in the beholding love of the Divine.

Book your free consultation to see if this is the right program for you.

Pricing available on application - 3 and 5 day options.

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