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Private Consultations

Belinda Jane, brings a depth of clarity, sacredness and wisdom to the nature of men, women and children and the ways in which we deepen and grow together in our personal connections, whether they be in the workplace, around friendships, families, or partnerships.

Love the being that you are!

The quality of our everyday choices is what builds the foundation of our ‘lifestyle’ and is the medicine that either compliments or compromises our physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Occasionally, as for everyone, we  can lose ourselves and consequently make choices that do not serve us or those around us. In a private consultation Belinda Jane collaborates with you to unravel and observe a broader view of why a situation is like it is.


At the heart of all of us , is a lovable person who wants to connect and be accepted for who we truly are. Approaching a situation, void of judgement and imposed ideals & beliefs , is particularly important when we are challenged and caught in behaviours that are more 'reactions' than our usual everyday self.

We all have hurts and dilemmas … there is no perfection, but for genuine transformation and growth, we embrace our ‘being within’, the place of our true self that is the Universal Light and love we represent. We are so much more, than what this model of life has led us to believe.

Our body is a true marker of our choices and every interaction with another or life in general brings with it the power of reflection and therefore a signpost to a deeper claiming of our inner truth.


Harmony can be restored in all types of circumstances when we are genuinely supported to consider our situation openly,  with the universal wisdom and integrity our body naturally aligns too. Working with your body's natural ability to feel what is and isn't true, is a fundamental foundation of all genuine ancient teachings.      


Belinda Jane's approach to the art of true healing puts you back in the driver’s seat of your body and life, working synonymously alongside conventional medicine and other allied health services. 

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