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Cosmetic Treatments with Energetic Therapies.

What is Energetic Healing?
This article best describes a first hand experience.

Understanding Energetic Healing – A firsthand experience

I was first introduced to Energetic Healing in 2007. Being a builder, I most easily relate to things that are physical in nature.  Energetic Healing did not disappoint in this regard, and the proof came through what I experienced in the body from the first session.

Initially I experienced a gentle warmth underneath the practitioner’s hands. It felt so safe, so lovely, so still, that it was easy to surrender to and I often found myself falling asleep in the sessions, no matter how worked up I was beforehand. In time I came to recognise that this was showing me how exhausted I was.

This brings me to perhaps the most important thing I have to say about Energetic Healing. It makes us honest. Prior to Energetic Healing I would never have admitted I was exhausted. I had a strong mind and masked it well. But Energetic Healing makes us stop and really listen to what is going on in our body.

The experience of Energetic Healing becomes deeper with time. These days I could relay the fact how the warmth one feels often spreads to specific parts of my body that are not related to where the practitioner puts their hands. That warmth, or fire as it is called esoterically, has a specific quality. It seems to emanate from within. It is not prickly, or motivating. Rather it is confirming, reassuring, alive, and it stays with me long after the session has finished. My eyes feel clearer and I feel more vital, emotionally stable, and more at ease with the world. My body changes. My shoulders relax and open up. My hips become looser and my walk becomes more fluid. The list of bodily experiences goes on and on.

Yet Energetic Healing on its own cures nothing, and nor does it claim to do so. Rather it is a Complementary Therapy in the true sense of the word in that its role is there to assist us to break out of patterns of abuse that we find ourselves stuck in but want to change. In this way it provides the opportunity for healing in a different way, which brings me back to my original point. Energetic Healing assists us to develop a relationship with our body most of us have long forgotten how to have. Within the confines of the session, it allows us to feel the potential of how our body could feel if we lived in a way that honoured the body more in regards to our daily choices.

How much potential we feel depends entirely on the quality of life that the practitioner lives in turn. For Energetic Healing at its core is about an energetic communication between practitioner and client. Its success is dependent on the quality of practitioner, and equally on the open-ness of the client to feeling what is offered. If they are open to what is felt, it offers them a bodily experience or marker that can in turn inspire them to make changes to the way they live their own life. 

It is this opportunity that Energetic Healing offers that is behind the fact that so many clients are able to change their lives so consistently in terms of greater vitality, health and wellbeing.

By Adam Warburton, Builder

I am a builder and a husband. I do not profess to live a life of extremes, but subscribe to the virtue of simplicity, dealing with all the same daily challenges most of us face. I love my wife ...  my job, my family … oh, and the world.

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