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Specialised Facials

Enjoy the rejuvenation and rest deeply while we resurface and replenish your skin with a high-performance facial that integrates:

Energetic Therapies

Nano Needling

LED Light Therapy 

Vagheggi Phytocosmetici

Love the skin you're in!

This signature facial can be customized to suit all skin types and conditions and the unique texture of male and female complexions.

It is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks but of course can be enjoyed more regularly.







  • Double cleanse with Energetic Facial Release

  • Exfoliation via an Enzyme Active or Salicylic Acid Peel

  • Active serums infused with nano needling

  • LED Light Therapy for your skin condition

  • Mask with Connective Tissue Therapy

  • Moisturise with sun protection

ENERGETIC FACIAL RELEASE is an ancient Egyptian technique taught and practised in the times of Imhotep. It lifts and releases any layers of stress and strain that you carry in your body and therefore on your face. The massage leaves you feeling very light and deeply settled...for some it wipes years off their face.  As a therapy, it connects with your 'inner most' being, the part of you that emanates the soul's light. True healing recognises  the body as  energy first before function.

CONNECTIVE TISSUE THERAPY is an energetic modality we use to compliment our cosmetic treatments and support clients to deeply unwind and relax. CTT connects with the pulse of the lymphatic system and connective tissue, the framework of protein fibres that surrounds and supports all the tissues and organs of the body.  The body is encouraged to drop into a deep stillness via a manual movement of  the ankles and feet.

LED LIGHT THERAPY – Light switches on the immune system and naturally places the skin into a state of repair. Wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, that we perceive as different colours, have varying effects on the body, depending on how deeply the wavelengths are absorbed. Studies show that skin cells grow 150% – 200% faster when exposed to different wavelengths of light. The light penetrates the cells, strengthening the skin’s blood capillaries, which leads to improved oxygenation and detoxification of the skin. 

100% Italian based Vagheggi Skincare and Make-up products are natural, plant-based, animal cruelty-free.


Vagheggi uses more than 300 natural ingredients, extracts, essential oils, molecules of flowers, plants, roots, algae, and minerals and therefore , Vagheggi naturally embraces the natural light of you. 

Bella Italia

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