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Chakra-puncture is complementary to medicine and suitable to use in conjunction with other

Allied Health Services. It supports your recovery, health, and wellbeing on all levels.

Love the being that you are!

Essentially Chakra-puncture is a form of healing for the mind and body that uses lightly applied (0.2mm) needles, in various points on the body, based on the Science of Nadis. For a full understanding of what happens in physical and psychological illness and disease, it is essential to consider wellness from an energetic and physical perspective.

Just as Conventional Medicine explores the physical anatomy and physiology of the human body ... The Science of Nadis works with the 45,000 points of light that make up the energetic anatomy and physiology of the body. 

Chakra-puncture, The Medicine of Lifestyle, Gold Coast

Our body has a network of thousands of nadis that carry the flow of universal energy in and through out every part of our being.

When you shut down, feel hurt or stressed etc, the natural emanation of your nadis is imposed upon and their potency is compromised. Instead of the Nadi emanating the power of universal light unimpeded, it is blanketed, like clouds covering the sun, and the reduced levels of light spin as individualised chakras.

Thoughts are our biggest prison – they saturate our body and mind with a restrictive, often negative, opinionated, aggressive energy that can leave us feeling heavy and lethargic.

A Chakra-puncture session ignites chakras and restores them to their full universal power as a Nadi.


Chakra-puncture is a treatment you need to experience for yourself to fully appreciate the value it can bring to your healing, relationships and life.

What happens in a session?

The session takes an hour and begins with a discussion around what is happening for you and where you would like support.

You stay fully clothed, the chakra puncture is very gently applied - you drop into a deep stillness as you lie undisturbed for 30 minutes. If it is required, your therapist will also apply some Hands-on Healing and or Connective Tissue Therapy to support your healing.

  • Can support to boost your immune system.

  • Can generally support your body while receiving chemotherapy or other medical treatments.

  • Deepen your connection to the Soul, love, life and people.

  • Support if you are experiencing  depression, stress and /or anxiety.

  • 12-week detox programs to shed unhealthy habits/addictions/childhood hurts and traumas.

  • Clear patterns and ways of living that no longer serve.

Chakra-puncture is not an alternative for the treatment of medical conditions nor mental health conditions. Medical attention is required for all medical conditions and suspected mental health conditions before the commencement of a Chakra-puncture session.

Chakra-puncture is never administered for untreated medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. It is suitable for children 7yrs and over.

Chakra-puncture is a modality taught and practiced in accordance to all Federal and State laws and Regulations and Codes of Practice regarding safety and hygiene.

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