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Lignum massage with Seaclay Body Wrap

Love the body you are in!

The Lignum Massage with the Sea Clay Body Wrap is designed to capture the essential nature of the mineral rich clay and potent Vagheggi oils, to experience their curative, healing properties and transformative effect. The treatment is both nourishing, cleansing and invigorating while it exfoliates, tones, strengthens and lifts the skin's  structure. 

This combined treatment loosens up stagnated areas, smoothes the contours of the body and draws out toxins. Your treatment includes a full body exfoliation, lignum massage & sea-clay wrap with optional Chakra-puncture.

​​How does Sea Clay work its magic?

  • Sea clay is formed when volcanic ashes react with sea water. Minerals present in the water, like silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium are absorbed by the ash to make a clay.

  • Sea Clay has an absorbent and porous quality – it attracts and binds bacteria and other toxins that live within our skin, body and pores.

  • Its action is like that of a magnet - toxins are mostly positively charged while sea clay carries a negative charge.

  • As the clay draws impurities out, it locks them within its framework and then all is removed from the body. 

  • The sea clay is infused with vitamin c, in synergy with other actives from the Vagheggi range. 

The Lignum Massage and Sea Clay Body Wrap withThe Medicine of Lifestyle, Gold Coast

The Lignum Massage and Sea Clay Body Wrap will deeply relax and realign you.

We recommend you drink lots of water before and after your treatment, to support the detoxification process.

The physical experience and the relaxing space, offers you the opportunity to feel the

vastness and lightness of you, free of whatever was stagnating and weighing you down previously. 

  • Detoxifies - drains excess fluid and toxins.

  • Loosens congested & stagnated areas.

  • Firms and tightens the skin.

  • Rejuvenates and invigorates the lymphatic & circulatory system

  • Settles Acne | Rashes | Eczema | Contact allergies | Psoriasis.

  • The clay and vagheggi actives have free radical scavengers, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • The treatment as a whole, oxygenates the tissues, softens and deeply cleanses to noticeably improve the skins texture.

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