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Gentle massage with Hands On Healing

Massage that is wholistically focused, is a very gentle and nurturing modality that combines hands on healing with conventional massage without any deep tissue work. The treatment will leave you feeling settled and still, ignited to move forward unencumbered by the layers of stress you started with. It connects with all the layers of you, rejuvenating and restoring you both ‘energetically and physically’.

Love the body you are in!
  • Everything you live is registered in your body and therefore in your muscles.

  • Sometimes stress, either physical from activity or mental/emotional, builds in the body and causes pain and tension.

  • Our reactions and responses to life are registered in your nervous system. The nervous system then directly connects with your muscles and muscles move bones. Over time  energy can build and gather in the body and posture can alter.  

  • Gentle Massage, when applied in conjunction with other healing techniques, undoes and realigns imposing configurations that are restraining your natural movements and expressions.

  • It also releases any emotional stresses and strains you are carrying and supports you to let go of anything that is holding you back. 

Your body will love you for it
The Medicine of Lifestyle, Gold Coast
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