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Bicycle Therapy Pod

Vacuum/Compression Technology has been used in clinic settings from the late 50’s. It is one of the most effective ways to increase circulation to all parts of the body to reduce cellulite , clear stagnation and promote fat loss.

Love the body you are in!

Some, either through poor diet and lifestyle, injury, weight gain or illness have poor, stagnant blood supply to their stomach, buttocks, hips, and legs making weight loss, the management of cellulite, recovery after injury/surgery and/or pain management significantly difficult or at best a very slow process.


Less than efficient micro-circulation leads to the infiltration of fat in the hypo-dermis, which is within the skin itself as opposed to plain fat found under the skin. Surrounding tissues are increasingly compressed, fibrocytes are stimulated, elasticity reduces dramatically and greater amounts of GAG s (e.g., Hyaluronic acid) causes bloating and fluid retention. Cell metabolism is sluggish and the tissue is asphyxiated and intoxicated due to the compromised exchange between capillaries and cells. 

In the long term, poor circulation is detrimental to our health and wellbeing, which is specifically important to note if you have weight issues, diabetes or other circulation disorders.

Do your own spot check

  • Do the touch test ... If any areas of your body are cold after walking/exercising, it is an indication that fresh blood supply is poor.

  • The Bicycle Pod is fitted with two bicycle peddles. In a reclined position, you cycle in a gentle rhythm, with minimal impact on your joints for a 30-minute session … while the chamber around you alters negative and positive pressure.

  • The low impact and reclined position means this therapy is suitable for all ages and for those recovering after injury and or illness. 

In synergy with Vagheggi Phytocosmetici, the Bicycle Therapy Pod is 3 times more effective than exercise alone.

The low atmospheric pressurised chamber stimulates blood supply to the tissues around the hips, bottom, thighs, lower back and stomach all in the one workout. Circulation is stimulated, tissue repair and regeneration is expedited, digestion is ignited and stubborn fat is burnt through movement and increased blood supply.

In 1956

Erler and Itting designed a vacuum-compression unit that served as the prototype for the clinical model in use today.

The unit provides a timed alteration of positive and negative pressures at a selectable range of intensities. The cycles of positive and negative pressure aids in improving circulation.

… “the alteration of positive and negative pressure facilitates increased arterial and capillary circulation and better venous drainage” …

Vacuum Compression Therapy - Physiopedia


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